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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New Christmas Gift Ideas from Custom Jewelry Design

Sometimes, we run out of ideas for our holiday gift lists. You seem to get everyone the same things every year, but this year, you are making it your mission to get all of your loved ones something new and exciting. You want Christmas morning to be a thrilling surprise this time around, instead of the same old, same old, like years past. You want to see everyone’s faces light up, excited cheers coming from your family, and maybe even a few thankful tears being wiped away. Okay, maybe no crying, but you want an amazing Christmas morning to be had by all!

So, this time around, you are going to visit your trusted local jeweler and call on their professional custom design jewelry services to help you out of your present-giving rut. You have so many ideas in mind that you've already been drawing them up at home. Your jeweler is pleased and happily looks them over with you. Before long, you are collaborating and melding your ideas together.

You have a diamond pendant necklace idea you want to make for your mother. Your jeweler suggests buying one of their loose diamonds to be set in the piece. Then, there is the idea you have for your teenage daughter: a beautiful pair of diamond earrings that she can wear and cherish for a lifetime. This handmade jewelry will hopefully be passed down to her own daughter one day! You can’t help but think of this as you sit and design the unique pieces you plan to give to them Christmas morning.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Get a Jewelry Appraisal for a Number of Reasons

There are many reasons why you should utilize a jewelry appraisal from your local jeweler. The most obvious reason is for insurance purposes. When you get your finer pieces of jewelry appraised, you will have a detailed description of how much it is worth. Not only do you know the exact value of your piece, but you will also know every treatment and alteration performed on the diamond. In our unsure world, it is likely some people will try to pull a fast one on you. When seeking a jewelry appraisal, it is wise to go to a trusted professional whose name holds much credit in the jewelry industry.

Having an appraisal on hand with your insurance company also provides proof of ownership. If someone breaks into your house and your jewelry is stolen, your insurance company will have evidence that you owned the jewelry. This way, you can be reimbursed for the value of the item. Although it will not be the original piece, you will be able to replace it with something equally charming.

Another reason why some people request an appraisal is when a lady wants to know how much her man spent on her diamond engagement ring. Although this may sound petty, it actually is not a bad idea. If you get divorced, you will more than likely want to get rid of the diamond that reminds you of him. By receiving an appraisal, you will know exactly how much the jewelry is worth so you can get a fair trade for it.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Make Some Extra Green From Gold! Cash for Gold Treats You Right!

We all know how money can get a little tight from time to time. This is especially true around the holidays. So, this year, why not take some of that pressure off of you and utilize the services of a trusted and renowned cash for gold business? You know that you are going to have to do something to come up with the extra cash to play Santa this year. You don’t want to have to get another job or sell some vital organs.

All kidding aside, you know your favorite local jeweler’s reputation and the way they treat the people in your area. You just need to take the time to learn a little bit more about how it all works. Stop by Brian Michaels Jewelers today and let all those friendly people you have come to know so well over the years tell you all about how you too can sell your gold jewelry. It is easier than you ever thought possible. You will also walk away with more money than you probably imagined.

We know you have probably heard about all those other guys that jerk you around and lowball you on price. At Brian Michaels, you will never have to worry about being treated this way. We offer you the best and highest prices in town, and we don’t bog down our offers with senseless fees. We certainly don’t treat your gold like anything other than what it is: gold! That means much needed green in your pocket! Stop by today and see exactly what cash for gold can do for you.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Custom Design Jewelry: Express Yourself!

Some of the most captivating pieces of jewelry I have ever seen have been of the custom variety. These pieces show the world your funky side and can be extremely lavish or very simple. Each designer has a specific look in mind when creating their individual works of art. This is what makes their jewelry custom and unique. Anyone can go to their local jeweler and pick up an everyday, run of the mill piece of jewelry, but a custom piece will set you apart from the masses. You could even try your hand at designing your own piece of jewelry. You will be amazed how easily the creativity comes to you while delving into the world of custom design jewelry.
My personal favorite is a funky pair of custom earrings. I can usually find these earrings at a local market. They are usually designed and made by people in your community who are well on their way to starting their own line of handmade jewelry. Local shops and markets are a great way to get exposure for their unique designs and taste. Another great aspect of shopping locally is you can get quality pieces of custom jewelry at very affordable costs. Whether your taste is elaborate and decadent or simple and plain, there are plenty of designs suitable for your individual taste. There is nothing to lose and a vast selection of new, cool jewelry to gain! Take a walk on the wild side when choosing your next piece of custom design jewelry.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Custom Design Jewelry Will Dazzle Onlookers

The best way to absolutely dazzle and impress your friends is to have some unique custom jewelry in your personal collection. This is a wonderful way to express your unique style and personality through the artwork decorating your body. Even if you do not have any experience with custom design jewelry, the sky is the limit when creating your new piece of jewelry. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

There are just a few things you want to know before embarking in the journey of handmade jewelry design. First off, there is no right or wrong way to design your piece of jewelry. It strictly depends on your personal preference and what looks good to you. There are many options as to what kind of materials you can use when designing your piece of jewelry. All different colors of the rainbow are available depending on your budget. Any gemstone you can think of can be used to accessorize your next outfit. No matter what your favorite color is, you can be certain you will find this material available to create your next work of art. You can certainly go crazy when being the artist who is adding to your collection. You do not have to listen to anyone when designing your own piece of jewelry. It strictly depends on your taste and style. You could be the next big designer to sweep the nation with your lovely designs and creations. Head down to your local jeweler to explore your custom jewelry designing options today.

Friday, 20 September 2013

A Tradition that is Uniquely Yours: New Heirloom and Birthstone Jewelry

When you think of heirloom jewelry you think, Grandma’s cameo, Aunt Ester’s ring or Father’s pocket watch. Then you think, with an air of indifference, ‘thanks, for the legacy, but I really wish I was more into this thing that has been so carefully protected for years on end. For those of us who identify with this, yet want to leave something for our families that they’ll appreciate we should consider starting our own tradition with new heirloom jewelry.

An ever-evolving piece or set that can be added to /or shared among family members. It’s more than just a piece that you like. New heirloom jewelry honors the bond that you and your family share. For example, you can have a set of rings created that has a ring for each member to wear or you can collect charms that reflect the personalities of each person and pass them along the line individually and add to the collection as each person is born. Alternatively, you can choose from the vast selection of birthstone jewelry that is available today and have a piece created that is unique to your family.

With new heirloom jewelry, your family will always have a reminder of your relationship with them. Such pieces will be a constant in their ever-changing lives and let them know that they will never be alone.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Dark World of Ancient Jewelry

There are many ancient scripts that declare the Middle Ages as being the “Dark Ages”,a time when the world was dark and stagnant, when the church ruled all manner of education and all those who stood against the dogmas of that time were persecuted or killed. No significant art, innovation, jewelry, or literature was said to come from that time for decades. Now we know differently.

We first take a look at the Germanic tribes. Their technical abilities and ornate tastes were very familiar to those of neighboring Rome. Bold and ornate jewelry pieces came from these people. Later, when they became subject to Christian rule, we can see a Byzantine influence in their artwork. The complex work started to show the signs and insignias of the Christian church rather than the symbols of individual tribes.

Goldsmiths from Islamic and Arabic parts of the world were putting their own stamps on jewelry and other decorative pieces. The techniques and strong use of filigree is plainly seen on pieces that have survived until today. Cairo was the epicenter for Arabic jewelry and Islamic trade during that “Dark” time.

Gothic jewelry is by far the most prominent work from the Dark Ages. Pointed and jagged angles were being used. Heavy, ornately designed surfaces were covered with elaborate enamel work and darkly colored gems. The inlays and motifs from ancient pieces still motivate creative artisans today and we see incredible replicas inspired from that time.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Truth about CZ

The cubic zirconia has been the cheaper alternative for diamonds for years. It looks just like a diamond, but is far less expensive. Many women would absolutely love a huge, flawless diamond ring around her finger, but for most couples that just is not in their budgets. Man created this replica for everyday people to feel luxurious by being able to wear a huge, fancy stone. I know if I had a seven carat stone around my finger, I would feel like a queen!

The cubic zirconia is virtually flawless. Finding a real diamond that is flawless is practically a waste of time. Even if you did find one for sale, it would be so expensive that most people would not be able to afford it. Although this imitation diamond is cheaper than the real thing, it can still be rather costly. Diamond brokers usually sell both options because they would severely limit their customer base by choosing just one of the competing stones to sell. These stones can be an array of colors. Some can even be multicolored! Since unique engagement rings are trending these days, it is safe to say that a woman, or man, could design whatever kind of ring they can imagine!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cancer… Diamonds Are Helping Make It Cooked

Cancer is a dreaded word in any language. This life-destroying disease has plagued our lives and our bodies for long enough. Now more than ever, incredible research and groundbreaking developments are shedding more light on how we can finally beat The Big C. One study in particular is putting cancer cells to the test by literally cooking them into non-existence.
Using a new tool called a nano thermometer, scientists are now able to read temperatures of cells with precise accuracy. With the help of nano diamonds, tiny diamond particles, cells are being evaluated and explored beyond anything anyone has seen to date. You see, diamonds do not chemically react with or affect cells, like chemotherapy does, for example. When laser-light is emitted through the particles, the light can be measured and give researchers a precise temperature of the diamond and its surroundings. This process will allow scientists to explore developments and growth progression by reading cell temperature levels, all without disturbing them.

With the help of the nano tools and lasers, cancer cells can then be heated to a critical temperature and killed. More exciting news states that healthy cells are all but left alone and unharmed in the “cooking” process. These revolutionary developments could even one day overtake chemotherapy and radiation therapies.This vital research on the processes within cells can lead to new ways of identifying diseases, and hopefully curing them.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

CZ: It’s a Discovery

 There are several reasons why one may choose to purchase Cubic Zirconia (CZ) over the traditional diamond or other precious gems or metals.  Yet there are still some people skeptical about this wonderful alternative, especially when looking at fine jewelry such as engagement rings, earrings, or necklaces.  There are many advantages to choosing CZ that these people should be aware of before dismissing this alternative gemstone.

One of the advantages that many already know about is that CZ is usually more affordable than diamonds or other gemstones that are commonly used within fine jewelry pieces. This is a man-made product, which is why it is less expensive than the natural occurring diamond or gemstone.

Another advantage of CZ is that because it is man-made those who manufacture it can ensure consumers less imperfections inside or on the surface of this makeshift gem.  Jewelers can also manufacture CZ to be more colorless, which is usually the staple of a high quality diamond.  Lastly, diamonds are often shaped by the earthly processes of high pressure and high heat underneath the Earth’s crust, which can cause several imperfections including oddly shaped stones.  With CZ this does not happen, you will get the shape you purchase!

Many people dismiss CZ because it is not the traditional diamond, but this would be a mistake.  Those looking for a more affordable option, as well as less inclusions and a more colorless gem, should look into the discovery that is CZ!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Lightweight Luxury: Titanium Jewelry

What better way to claim “I am titanium” than to bedeck yourself with titanium jewelry? Titanium is one of the most modern metals to be used in fine jewelry. Be different and explore this lightweight luxury.

Titanium is growing in popularity due to being light weight, strong, corrosion resistant, scratch-resistant and 100% hypoallergenic. The most popular form of titanium jewelry is in the form of a ring, but dog tags, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, money clips, necklaces and a whole array of other jewelry can also be made of titanium. Ring styles include classic oval, mokume-gane or wood grain appearance, sable or soft silk appearance and frost or frozen appearance. Gemstones and different types of inlays can also be applied to titanium rings, creating stunning details.

Titanium brings a unique elegance to your jewelry, while remaining affordable. It is a harder metal than gold and rather difficult to work with. Be aware that there are many different grades of titanium, which will make a difference in the quality of your jewelry. Two distinct categories include commercially pure and chemically pure. Commercially pure has categories 1 through 4, from softest to hardest, and can be used in jewelry applications, while chemically pure is more often used in medical applications. Standard jewelry-making techniques such as rolling or soldering cannot be used on titanium but some jewelers have adopted new techniques, specifically to offer this fashionable metal jewelry. The beauty of the finished product, therefore, really reflects the craftsmanship behind the piece.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Jeweler’s Loupe: What is it?

The jeweler’s loupe is a special tool that all jewelers use. This gadget allows them to examine a piece through high powered magnification. Loupes are also frequently referred to as hand lenses in a general sense, and there are many different categories of loupes. Jewelers usually use loupes that have a handle, which helps in focusing on very fine and small pieces of jewelry. Monocular is the standard for the industry, as opposed to a binocular structure which would require both eyes. These are the standard tools used in the grading of gemstone clarity inclusions and imperfections visible at 10x magnification have an impact on the overall quality and grading of the gem. Watch making uses another type of loupe and one can easily imagine why.

The mechanical workings of a watch are so small it would take a high powered loupe to even begin getting a good look at them, let alone how helpful they are when you need to actually start manipulating the internal workings of the watch in order to repair and replace parts. The jeweler’s loupe is a hugelyimportant tool in the industry, and remains a requirement for anyone trying to get a decent read on any jewelry piece.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Jewelers as Artisans Reemerge

A lot of people have had a very limited experience when it comes to shopping for jewelry. I don’t just mean that they haven’t bought much, but also that when they do go shopping for it, they limit themselves to the stores they find in the mall. I don’t blame anyone for that; the reason we go to a mall is for the convenience of being able to shop for multiple things in the same place. The problem though is that makes people not think of jewelers as artisans but merely salespeople.

It is true that for several decades over the last part of the 20th century, many professional jewelers were just that-salespeople. This wasn't always because they didn't believe in hand crafting fine jewelry. Rather, the market had changed and there was no demand for those kinds of services. People were more interested in purchasing mass produced jewelry that was affordable, and were willing to give up the individualized personality of one-of-a-kind jewelry in order to save a few dollars.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Pride of a Child: Children’s ID Bracelets

I still remember the first piece of jewelry I ever wore. Granted, as a guy that is probably not as impressive as it would be for a girl, but still, when I think of all the things I don’t remember from back then, it is a pretty good testimony to how much I liked it. At the time, children’s ID bracelets were quite the rage.

Part of the reason I liked it was because my grandfather wore an ID bracelet as well, and it made me feel connected to him. Another reason it made an impression on me was when I got it, it was the first time I went to professional jeweler that had a business downtown. I always walked by the building when we were shopping but I never had the chance to go in. Now with my parents and older brother, I finally got to see all of the fine jewelry that was so intriguing and pick out an affordable bracelet of my own. (I was an easily distracted kid. Why wouldn't I like bright shiny objects?).

I still remember the first day I wore it to school and how proud I was to have it. Getting children’s ID bracelets for your kids can help give them something to cherish and be proud of as well.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Glitz and Glamour of Diamond Earrings

There are few things that evoke the idea of classic high fashion more than fine jewelry featuring the most revered of stones, diamonds. Diamond earrings, especially, have been associated with the idea of tradition and vintage style, and are still among the most popular forms of diamond jewelry today.

Diamond ear jewelry has been known to come in all kinds of designs. Ear cuffs can feature gemstone designs. More complex shapes, like dewdrops or shoulder sweepers, can also feature diamonds in the main part of their designs. Diamond studs, also extraordinarily popular, are unisex earrings that are highly wearable, interchangeable with many other accessories and fashion statements. This inherent versatility is part of what makes studs one of the most popular types of diamond earrings, in fact one of the most popular jewelry pieces, period.

Diamond earrings, regardless of length, are a great way to frame your face and draw attention to your best features. The subtle glamour of diamonds is all about reflecting your own elegance and taste, making these bobbles a most expressive type of jewelry. They are highly visible, stunning and often breath taking pieces that are often more affordable than you might think and well worth the purchase. Regular cleanings and maintenance can help extend the life of these pieces. Proper care can keep your favorite earrings in tip top condition for years and years.

Time-Tested and True: Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are elegant jewelry pieces that can add a layer of complexity and class to any outfit. Bracelets are some of the most visible pieces of jewelry, and are often emphasized by hand gestures employed in everyday speech or during presentations at school or work.

When wearing diamonds, it is safe to say that most people want that visibility. Diamonds communicate a lot of things about a person and how they would like to be seen, calling on a tradition of high quality and class ideas about presentation and fashion. Diamonds evoke a sense of pride in appearance and are some of the most precious materials on the face of the earth, so to be seen wearing them also suggests taste and wealth. Diamond bracelets are a great way to communicate a sense of classicstyle, and can easily be tied together with other types of jewelry to bring an outfit to its full aesthetic potential. There are many diverse types of diamond bracelet designs available on the market, from simple designs with diamonds used to accent the form, to more complex studded pieces that really draw the eye. Regardless of style, diamond bracelets are almost always guaranteed to impress.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Diamond Pendants: Beauty and the Beat

Pendants lay close to the heart, much like lockets, which makes them a beautiful and intimate form of jewelry. Diamond pendants are a wonderful way to show off the classic beauty of the diamond in a very visually stunning way. With an endless amount of design combinations, pendants are as unique as the people who wear them. Fine jewelry featuring diamonds has always been immensely popular and pieces incorporating diamonds are now considered to have a vintage, traditional or classic sense of fashion to them no matter what the design actually is. Diamonds call back to older fashion ideas and values, and working with them in jewelry pieces will always give the wearer a sense of alignment with a history of high fashion.

Diamond pendants can come in all kinds of design tips, from pendants that focus entirely on risk taking, avant-garde styles to a more simple style that reflect a design similar to a diamond solitaire necklace more so than the larger, busier pendants. Regardless of which you lean toward,  the very complex or the very subtle, you will find that diamond pendants can be very affordable and versatile pieces of jewelry, easily paired up with many different looks and fashion styles.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Beauty of Bracelets

Custom designed bracelets are making an enormous comeback in the world of fashion jewelry. They present a remarkably under appreciated element of creating new looks when it comes to jewelry as an accessory. There are various styles and designs with an array of price points. From tennis bracelets and other chain-like designs that feature the simple elegance of small gem stones and precious metals, to bold, brash styles that mix and match materials to create wild new looks. The possibilities are endless and that is what helps them serve as the ultimate accessory.

Other pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, have always been at the forefront of popular demand. In the jewelry market, bracelets have experienced periods of popularity followed by times when sales have waned. Now they are being reintroduced by many jewelers and fashion designers because of the very thing that sets them apart from necklaces and earrings, and that is their inherent asymmetry. Much like many of the new styles coming out in clothing, designs feature one strap dresses or tops with a cut out on one side and not the other, bracelets are only for one side of the body, and in choosing to wear one with the latest fashion they can help to accentuate that new style that is becoming so popular. Many new materials are available to choose from which makes creating your own a very affordable option.

It's not a secret that styles come and go. What is popular now may not be popular again for a while, but bracelets are making a serious case that they are back and they are back for good. A bracelet is truly one of the best choices one could make for an accessory, with many styles to choose from. In addition, if you collaborate with custom designers you can create your own unique look from a variety of materials. Whether, you are buying from the shelf or creating an heirloom piece, there is a bracelet out there for everyone. It's time that you found yours.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Watch Designers: A Long Time Tradition

Watches have been around since the 17th century.  After the 1920’s the wristwatch became popular. Ever since there have been many watch designers. Some have been around for decades. Since then watches have been considered more than just a timepiece, they have become a fashion statement. The longest operating watch company is Gallet, a high-end Swiss manufacturer dating back to 1826. The most popular watch in The United States is Rolex. Rolex was founded in 1905. Some of Rolex innovations are:

·         The “Oyster”, the world's first waterproof wristwatch was created in 1926.
·         The automatically changing date on the dial came from Rolex watch makers.
·         The first wristwatch to show dual time zones was another innovation.
·         Chronometer certification for a wristwatch was earned by the Rolex watch makers.

The top ten watch designers preferred in the United States in 2012 are as follows:

1.       Rolex
2.       Omega
3.       Breitling
4.       Patek Philippe
5.       Panerai
6.       IWC
7.       AudemarsPiguet
8.       Jaeger-LeCoultre
9.       TAG Heuer
1.       Cartier

In choosing your first fine jewelry watch, you should consider why you want to buy one. There are many reasons you could want a designer watch including adding a distinct touch to your business attire, or maybe you just like luxury items.  Whatever your reason you should consider consulting with a professional on which direction to take.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sleek and Stylish Engagement Rings

The theme for this year’s engagement rings should be all that glitters and is gold. The past decade has seen a transition in popular rings. The standard setting of most rings has been either white gold or platinum. This year is full of glistening changes as the yellow gold band has come back to the forefront of popular fashion. From the pages of “ In Style” to the cover of “Southern Living” magazine, gold is the favorite choice among brides to be. 

Aside from being popular, a yellow gold ring is incredibly affordable and could be a fantastic choice for couples that are in love and on a tight wedding budget. Being savvy in both style and budget, has never been as easy as it is this season. Gold rings are available in sleek and stylish settings that enhance the natural allure and warm tones of a brilliant diamond. Online retailers have outstanding selections just waiting for you. For engagement rings that glitter with golden hues try this year’s theme and wow them all.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Make a Statement with Diamond Fashion Earrings

I find it humorous when I see how timid some people can be when it comes to buying jewelry. Sure, there are certainly times when the outfit you are wearing or the event you are attending calls for something that is more understated, but the fact of the matter is that jewelry is created and designed to attract the eye.  To be noticed. If not, jewelers wouldn't be making it out of bright sparkly shiny materials. When accessorizing, diamond fashion earrings are certainly one way to go when deciding what to wear.

Think of when you are shopping for jewelry. You are immediately attracted to the objects that draw your attention, to the ones that stand out from the rest. While in the store, it is easy to be drawn to those items, to think how good they look and how much you want them.  Then, like so many others, you start to think “Can I really pull off wearing something like that?” The answer is unequivocally “Yes, you can!” And for the same reason you are interested in buying diamond fashion earrings in the first place.

Diamond fashion earrings are something every woman deserves to own and wear, not just for special occasions, but for almost all occasions. Jewelry is special.  It is supposed to not only help you look your best, but to make you feel special as well. There are plenty of times to be boring, to be plain. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of every opportunity you have to be bold, to be daring, to be special. 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Design your Dream Jewelries with Certified Loose Diamonds

Everyone is aware of the awkwardness of walking in somewhere solely to envision somebody sporting constant outfit. Why must you let your jewelry face constant risk? Make certain what you're sporting is one amongst a sort by beginning with loose diamonds and rental your imagination run wild.

There’s nothing that claims the one who you trust to show your loose diamonds into jewelry is any further inventive than you're. Clearly you would like to make sure they need the talent sets as artisans to construct the ultimate product, however this can be your jewelry. It ought to look the approach you would like it to. However having the ability to style your own jewelry is barely the primary reason why you ought to invest in loose diamonds.

Certified loose diamonds area unit one amongst the foremost consistent investments you'll be able to build. To be tagged as certified loose diamonds, they're going through a rigorous method to work out, among different things, their place of origin, their clarity and their precise weight. This assures you that you simply are becoming BMJ certified diamonds of best quality, which you'll be able to be assured within the price of your investment.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Save More Money While Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Look, it had been one factor, back within the past days of tradition once entire families would acquire the couple’s wedding. Then it created sense. Well, the maximum amount sense as going into debt ever will. However odds are you and therefore the very little woman is paying for the party. Why get in extra cash after you don’t would like to? Low Cost Engagement Rings are the thanks to go.

Besides, with all due respect, does one understand what constitutes low cost engagement rings anyway? You pay plenty of your time researching the value of rings, what diamonds are commercialism for lately, what quantity gold goes for AN ounce? Yea I didn’t assume therefore. And this isn’t a matter of “I’ll get the center priced item, therefore I’ll look good however scotch and impress the salesperson.” the sole person you wish to impress is that the lady you get down on one knee ahead of and raise “Will you?” And if it’s this so much within the relationship, I’m willing to bet she isn’t thinking “He checked out low cost engagement rings.” She’s thinking “About time!”

People can say that the ring is an investment, and it is. An investment during a wedding and a future, not what the ring goes to be value if you wish to pawn it. Cheap rings are excellent opening thereto future. The money you save currently by viewing Low Cost Engagement Rings is money that you simply and her are able to pay in different places, like hiring a true deejay for your wedding rather than simply swing your iPod on shuffle.