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Monday, 15 July 2013

Diamond Pendants: Beauty and the Beat

Pendants lay close to the heart, much like lockets, which makes them a beautiful and intimate form of jewelry. Diamond pendants are a wonderful way to show off the classic beauty of the diamond in a very visually stunning way. With an endless amount of design combinations, pendants are as unique as the people who wear them. Fine jewelry featuring diamonds has always been immensely popular and pieces incorporating diamonds are now considered to have a vintage, traditional or classic sense of fashion to them no matter what the design actually is. Diamonds call back to older fashion ideas and values, and working with them in jewelry pieces will always give the wearer a sense of alignment with a history of high fashion.

Diamond pendants can come in all kinds of design tips, from pendants that focus entirely on risk taking, avant-garde styles to a more simple style that reflect a design similar to a diamond solitaire necklace more so than the larger, busier pendants. Regardless of which you lean toward,  the very complex or the very subtle, you will find that diamond pendants can be very affordable and versatile pieces of jewelry, easily paired up with many different looks and fashion styles.

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