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Friday, 20 September 2013

A Tradition that is Uniquely Yours: New Heirloom and Birthstone Jewelry

When you think of heirloom jewelry you think, Grandma’s cameo, Aunt Ester’s ring or Father’s pocket watch. Then you think, with an air of indifference, ‘thanks, for the legacy, but I really wish I was more into this thing that has been so carefully protected for years on end. For those of us who identify with this, yet want to leave something for our families that they’ll appreciate we should consider starting our own tradition with new heirloom jewelry.

An ever-evolving piece or set that can be added to /or shared among family members. It’s more than just a piece that you like. New heirloom jewelry honors the bond that you and your family share. For example, you can have a set of rings created that has a ring for each member to wear or you can collect charms that reflect the personalities of each person and pass them along the line individually and add to the collection as each person is born. Alternatively, you can choose from the vast selection of birthstone jewelry that is available today and have a piece created that is unique to your family.

With new heirloom jewelry, your family will always have a reminder of your relationship with them. Such pieces will be a constant in their ever-changing lives and let them know that they will never be alone.

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