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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cancer… Diamonds Are Helping Make It Cooked

Cancer is a dreaded word in any language. This life-destroying disease has plagued our lives and our bodies for long enough. Now more than ever, incredible research and groundbreaking developments are shedding more light on how we can finally beat The Big C. One study in particular is putting cancer cells to the test by literally cooking them into non-existence.
Using a new tool called a nano thermometer, scientists are now able to read temperatures of cells with precise accuracy. With the help of nano diamonds, tiny diamond particles, cells are being evaluated and explored beyond anything anyone has seen to date. You see, diamonds do not chemically react with or affect cells, like chemotherapy does, for example. When laser-light is emitted through the particles, the light can be measured and give researchers a precise temperature of the diamond and its surroundings. This process will allow scientists to explore developments and growth progression by reading cell temperature levels, all without disturbing them.

With the help of the nano tools and lasers, cancer cells can then be heated to a critical temperature and killed. More exciting news states that healthy cells are all but left alone and unharmed in the “cooking” process. These revolutionary developments could even one day overtake chemotherapy and radiation therapies.This vital research on the processes within cells can lead to new ways of identifying diseases, and hopefully curing them.

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