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Friday, 28 November 2014

The Basic Components of Loose Diamonds

Many people struggle with the fact that diamonds are so small, yet boast such a large price tag. Some men may even think the entire idea of giving a woman a diamond ring as a promise to marry her is completely asinine and a waste of finances. Whatever your beliefs may be, do not change the value of loose diamonds in today's market. They are going to remain valuable and coveted, so you may as well get to know the reasons why!

There are four main components of loose diamonds that are considered when determining their value. Each of these categories is useless on its own and relies on the other three categories to form the diamond's value.

The first category is the cut. The cut of a diamond has everything to do with the shape of the diamond, but that is not all they are talking about. There are also many facets within a diamond that give it the sparkle people can spot a mile away. These facets must be perfectly cut by a trained professional in order to be perfectly symmetrical for maximum brilliance. Jewelers often argue on which diamond cut is “the best.

Then there is the clarity. The clarity of a diamond has to do with how many imperfections the diamond possesses. We all know that flawless diamonds are very rare and even more expensive, so anything we see in a jewelry store is going to have some flaws. There is a scale that measures how many blemishes (surface damage) and inclusions (internal damage) each diamond has(read more on brian michaels jewelers certified loose diamonds). The more damage, the less value... but, there are three other categories, so all is not lost on a heavily flawed diamond.

Color may seem basic: white, chocolate, yellow or blue. However, color is a very complex category in that there are many degrees of white diamonds, and any other color, for that matter. Each white loose diamond has a various amount of yellow, brown or orange and it correlates to a color scale. The whiter the diamond, the more expensive it becomes.

The last category (and probably the one women care most about) is carat weight. This refers to the sheer size of that rock on your finger! Everyone knows when you get about two carats, that guy must be rich! However, there are three other categories that also contribute to the stone's worth. Just because it is a monster certified loose diamond does not make it worth millions.