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Friday, 28 November 2014

The Basic Components of Loose Diamonds

Many people struggle with the fact that diamonds are so small, yet boast such a large price tag. Some men may even think the entire idea of giving a woman a diamond ring as a promise to marry her is completely asinine and a waste of finances. Whatever your beliefs may be, do not change the value of loose diamonds in today's market. They are going to remain valuable and coveted, so you may as well get to know the reasons why!

There are four main components of loose diamonds that are considered when determining their value. Each of these categories is useless on its own and relies on the other three categories to form the diamond's value.

The first category is the cut. The cut of a diamond has everything to do with the shape of the diamond, but that is not all they are talking about. There are also many facets within a diamond that give it the sparkle people can spot a mile away. These facets must be perfectly cut by a trained professional in order to be perfectly symmetrical for maximum brilliance. Jewelers often argue on which diamond cut is “the best.

Then there is the clarity. The clarity of a diamond has to do with how many imperfections the diamond possesses. We all know that flawless diamonds are very rare and even more expensive, so anything we see in a jewelry store is going to have some flaws. There is a scale that measures how many blemishes (surface damage) and inclusions (internal damage) each diamond has(read more on brian michaels jewelers certified loose diamonds). The more damage, the less value... but, there are three other categories, so all is not lost on a heavily flawed diamond.

Color may seem basic: white, chocolate, yellow or blue. However, color is a very complex category in that there are many degrees of white diamonds, and any other color, for that matter. Each white loose diamond has a various amount of yellow, brown or orange and it correlates to a color scale. The whiter the diamond, the more expensive it becomes.

The last category (and probably the one women care most about) is carat weight. This refers to the sheer size of that rock on your finger! Everyone knows when you get about two carats, that guy must be rich! However, there are three other categories that also contribute to the stone's worth. Just because it is a monster certified loose diamond does not make it worth millions.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Shopping For the Perfect Wedding Bands

When it comes to shopping for the perfect pair of wedding bands you will forever wear on your left ring fingers to show the world you are officially off the market, you should take the necessary time in order to make sure these are pieces of jewelry you are going to be able to live with for the rest of your lives. Many couples become married very young and are unable to afford exactly what they want in their diamond wedding bands, but later down the road, they will be able to purchase exactly what they want when they are more financially stable. Other people wait until later in life to get married and this usually means they can afford a more expensive ring.

14k White Gold Round Diamond Common Prong Band
No matter what kind of wedding bands you choose to exchange at your wedding, you certainly need to make sure you follow a couple of rules. The very first rule is to make sure you stick to your budget no matter what! Of course, the sales person is going to try and convince you to spend more money, but you do not have to by any means. The last bit of advice is to make sure the rings are sized properly and perfectly clean before your wedding day.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Why Should You Invest in Custom Design Jewelry?

There are so many reasons why you should choose custom design jewelry to add to your collection. The most obvious reason is because this is the best method that allows you to get exactly the design you wish to have. It does not matter what you want to create because it can certainly be achieved. The only limitation of this process is your imagination and the imagination of your jeweler.

custom jewelry
When designing your very own jewelry, it is important to have a jeweler you can trust and who is very experienced in making custom design jewelry. Since this is likely a very important piece of jewelry you will be enjoying for many years to come, it only makes sense to shop around for a jeweler you absolutely love.

Keep in mind that you will be dealing with handmade jewelry. This jewelry often takes a little bit longer to create since it is not mass produced by a machine. However, this also makes the jewelry more valuable and also better quality. When you go to get your jewelry insured you will see the appraisal is significantly higher than what you actually paid for the item. This is good because custom design jewelry cannot simply be replaced.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Wedding and Anniversary Rings Make Sentimental Gifts

diamond wedding rings
Your local jewelry store will likely have a vast selection of wedding and anniversary rings to get you through the time leading up to your wedding and the many years you will spend together after your wedding day. Jewelry always makes a romantic and symbolic gift when it comes to your anniversary.

Of course, you will exchange your wedding rings on the day of your ceremony and probably not need any more than one a piece, but you can always give the gift of jewelry for your anniversary. Being prepared with the right gift will show your spouse you love them and take your union seriously enough to spend a little money on something nice.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

When Do You Take Pictures of You And Your Diamond Wedding Rings?

There are many small details to think of on the day of your wedding. Of course, you will have your trusted professional vendors to handle most of the little details when it comes to your reception, but the actual wedding and photo session with your diamond wedding rings directly after can seem like a confusing time where you are not quite sure what to expect. If you are anything like me, you will want to know every little detail about what you are supposed to do in the time between your ceremony and reception so you can plan accordingly and have a general outline of events.

The ideal time frame for your wedding photos is an hour and a half. However, most couples do not want to keep their guests waiting for this long in between the ceremony and the commencement of the reception.

diamond wedding rings

If you are a modern couple, you may choose to take your wedding photos before the wedding ceremony. Of course, this means you will have to be ready for your photo shoot at least an hour before the actual ceremony. You will also have to wear your diamond wedding rings before you are actually married. It also means your groom will see you in your dress before you walk down the aisle to get married. This is a deal breaker for some brides.

Some couples follow the time honored tradition of the groom spending the night away from the bride the night before their wedding and his first glimpse of her will be when she walks down the aisle toward him to get hitched! He will only see her for the first time right before they exchange diamond wedding rings. This is totally fine, but eliminates the opportunity to take wedding photos before the ceremony.

A happy medium is to do both! Take as many pictures as you can before the ceremony with your bridesmaids and him with his groomsmen before the ceremony. You can save the pictures of the bride and groom together for immediately after the ceremony. This will keep your guests waiting for a fraction of the time if you took all of the pictures after the ceremony. Having a cocktail hour at your wedding will also allow your guests to be entertained while you are getting great pictures of your wedding rings and bridal party. Try not to stress out too much and make sure you take a minute to ogle your diamond wedding rings! Click here for detail.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Cash For Gold Stores Are Great Resources

If you are thinking about an easy way to make a few extra dollars for your upcoming vacation, or even for an unexpected bill, you may be interested to know there is a way you can accomplish this without going through too much trouble. Cash for gold stores are popping up like weeds and are more than happy to give you the opportunity to sell gold jewelry and give you cash money in the spot. You will be pleased to know these stores are not only conveniently located in your hometown, they also provide many other services you may find useful.

Some cash for gold stores are actually jewelry stores that have recently provided this service for their customers. These stores are sometimes large jewelry chains or small, privately owned companies. No matter which category they fall under, you can trust the company because they have been around for quite some time. Large jewelry chains may be able to provide you with a better display of jewelry and may be able to offer you a little more cash for gold you are trying to sell. However, a small time jewelry company's may come with more personal guarantees and more word of mouth approval.

Large jewelry chains may even offer you other options when it comes time to get rid of your gold jewelry. They may allow you to trade in your gold for another piece of jewelry. This would be a great way to chip off some of the price if you are looking at a big ticket item like an engagement ring or other such diamond jewelry. Since they have the resources of being such a large company, they may also purchase other stones and metals from you like silver and diamonds. You may end up having enough for any piece of jewelry when you combine all of your resources. You never know until you try!
cash for gold

Cash for gold stores are a very convenient and easy way to make a few extra bucks or get the help you need in purchasing a very large ticket item. We at Brian Michaels Jewelers offer financing if you still need a little boost in the right direction. Not too many people have the luxury of paying cash for a very expensive piece of jewelry. If you are like most people, financing options will greatly benefit you by being able to pay a small amount of money per month until the balance is paid in full. For more information on cash for jewelry visit:

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Why You Should Choose Custom Design Jewelry?

custom jewelry design
If you are considering creating your very own piece if custom design jewelry, allow me to give you just a couple of warnings before doing so.

I have personal experience with this topic and there are not any downsides to this option. However, you need to have patience and you also need to be aware you will pay more than the cost of your average piece of jewelry straight out of the display case.

When I say you need to be patient, I mean you need to be willing to wait for your piece of jewelry to be created. Since custom pieces are handmade jewelry, you have to be patient enough for someone to actually fabricate this lovely work of art. It does not just happen overnight. However, your jeweler should go over how long it is going to take before you start shelling out cash.

Custom design jewelry is no different than anything else you have custom made. Someone is making something for you specifically and custom designing it to fit your liking. This means it will be a little more expensive than your typical display case jewelry. This is a very small price to pay to know you have a quality, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.